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Sketch-Bag’s turn: First Impressions (Warning: TL;DR)

The fuck is this? The fuck is that? Now, that being said, once I took a minute to actually look around, it all made sense, it’s just that the fort’s been built in a completely different manner than I’m used to.

Everything seems to be under control, with a few key exceptions here:

1. We’re currently under siege

2. We don’t seem to have any metal that can be used for weapons or armour (or at least we haven’t found any yet)

3. We haven’t found magma yet, and are still relying on fuel to smith everything

Now, I’ve got a few ideas as to solving these issues, but they’re only first impression sorts of things.

1. We can’t expect to beat the siege in an open fight. We lack both the equipment and enough hapless meatsacks valiant warriors to just waltz out there and kill them all. I’m noticing that there’s a large amount of traps in the main entrance, but I don’t think it’d be enough to get the entire siege force. An ambush would certainly be thwarted by them, but if the siege force just up and rushes us, there’d be more than enough survivors to give us a lot of trouble. There’s 16 goblins out there, all set on cracking this fortress open and killing everyone inside, and I’m thinking the direct approach might not be the greatest.

What I’m thinking of doing is just raising the drawbridge and waiting for them to leave, as that’d be the safest. From experience though, this can lead to even worse situations though. If we get a migrant wave while the goblins are still there, they’ll be massacred almost instantly. While the siege holds, we can’t retrieve the bodies, and so the restless spirits of these unfortunate migrants will start haunting our dwarves until something can be done, and more importantly, kobolds will have access to easy looting. If they keep stealing stuff off the dead migrants on the surface, eventually they’ll start sending their own raiding parties as well, which can actually be very serious problem.

So, while hiding isn’t without potential drawbacks, it does seem to be our best bet at the moment. I may try to open the drawbridge and then close it after only a few goblins are through, just to whittle away their numbers, but I’ll wait and see first. Hopefully I’ll have some way of dealing with them figured out soon enough.

2. While the lack of iron is a pain in the ass, it might be out there somewhere in the map. However, I can also see a much more simple solution for the time being (or at least, after the siege). The goblins are all equipped with iron gear, and looting their dead bodies could give us a reasonable supply. While a good deal of it is useless to us, and almost all of it is terrible quality, we can still melt it down and forge our own weapons out of it. This is only a short-term solution, it could mostly keep us equipped until we find iron somewhere in there.

3. This is the problem I’m most likely going to be able to solve the fastest. Reaching magma should be no real issue, and once that’s done, we’ll be able to work with metal without relying on a fuel source.

So, tl;dr version? I should probably be alright here, I’m not too concerned. The siege is the biggest issue though, but I’m pretty sure nothing too nasty will come of it.

Sorry for writing so much, I’ll try to keep my next post more simple!

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